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Blackwaver in action

Blackwaver in action

28 augustus 2023

 Check the playlist-page of the DJ-sets: the setlists from W-Festival 2023 are online!

18 augustus 2023

Just finished broadcasting chapter #100.
It was a small living room party, as it should!


17 augustus 2023

Chapter #100 in the making!

 I am preparing chapter #100 which will be broadcasted tomorrow, august 18th 2023... It will be a 1-hour show with some of my personal favourites. Be sure to listen!



Today I did a major update of both pictures and playlists. I also added some flyers to the page and reviewed the links to other sites (add of Twitter and add of Hearthis).

By the way: as Mixcloud now only allows max 10 uploads in the free version, I have taken an account on the hearthis-platform, which is for me more user-friendly.

07 juli 2022

Major update

 After some problems with my computer, I have lost most of my playlist-files.
FOr what I have been able to recuperate, I have put online.
Also, in the Gothville-section, you will find links to the Mixcloud-files, where you can listen to the show.

05 januari 2022

Uploads done!

 Today I uploaded the playlists of chapters #017, #018 and #019, together with the mixed shows on Mixcloud...

Links will follow soon, but you can already listen to the 'older' shows on: https://www.mixcloud.com/peterdolphen/